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Product Reviews
Swab-its® Gun Cleaning Product Reviews

"A wonderful product; really sped up the cleaning of my pistols," Drew Halevy of DFW, Texas.

"The swab-its gun cleaning swabs are great for applying solvents, cleaners & lubricants and they rinse off easily in plain hot water for reuse. More economical than patches," Ray McDermott of Land O' Lakes, Florida.

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Why Bore-tips®, Gun-tips™ and Bore-whips™
Swab-its® Gun Cleaning Products




Easier, Faster, Simple

Reusable foam swabs

Works with Airguns

Replaces patches & jags

Replaces cotton swabs

Functions as an ECI

Superior barrel cleaning

Fiber free, don't shed

One piece pull-through

Washable & reusable

Clean hard to reach spots

Washable and reusable


Gun Cleaning Made Easy

Michael Bane shows you how easy Bore-tips® can be! Start cleaning your guns with Swab-its® Gun Cleaning Products.

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New Bore-whips™
.17cal Bore-whips™bore-whips

Brand new Bore-whips™ gun cleaning by Swab-its®. This will change how you clean guns forever. Check them out today!

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How to Clean
Cleaning Bore-tips®

Learn how to clean and use your brand new Bore-tips®, Gun-tips™ and Bore-whips™. Check out this video today!

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